1.     Warranty for all hardware is provided by each Manufacturer directly, in accordance with each Manufacturers' respective “Terms and Conditions”.
2.     It is highly important that you maintain the original invoice as proof of purchase and immediately upon receiving and installing the product, register your product with the manufacturer in order to activate the warranty.
Faulty consumable items (Toner, Drum Unit, Ink cartridges, etc.) are handled at FeedMyPrinter in accordance with each manufacturer’s policy and under the full “Terms and Conditions” as clearly set in the “Return Policy” as follows.
Return Policy
1.     To return a product to the on-line shop, you must first contact us to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number.Write to us  to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number HERE.  Email :   shop@FeedMyPrinter.com.au
2.     Returned goods cannot be accepted without an RA from FeedMyPrinter which is valid for 14 days.
3.     When shipping the item back to us, the RA number is to be clearly marked on the returned goods packaging. Failure to do so will result in the packaged being “returned to sender”.
4.     Please attach a copy of the invoice (or at least the invoice number) to the package, to help us in dealing with your matter more efficiently.
Incorrectly ordered goods:
1.     If you are not sure whether the cartridge you have ordered is the correct one for your printer, please contact us. In many cases, cartridges are compatible with several types of printer.
2.     FeedMyPrinter does not give credits for incorrectly ordered goods after 7 days from date of invoice. Please be sure to contact us promptly if you need change products after your purchase.
3.     Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned in original packaging, which is still intact. We cannot accept any incorrectly ordered goods that have been opened and/or if the packaging is damaged and/or defaced in any way. It is the buyer’s responsibility before opening the packaging to check that the goods are suitable for the purpose they were purchased for (for example – please check the details on the package to confirm suitability to the buyer’s printer). If in doubt, please feel free to contact us immediately as many cartridges are compatible with several different printer types.
4.     In addition, incorrectly returned goods must be returned to us packed in another box to prevent any damage to the original packaging and to avoid it being stained and/or damaged by tape, stickers, labels, courier handling etc.
5.     All incorrectly ordered goods returned to FeedMyPrinter will incur a 20% restocking fee.
6.     It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay all freight and insurance charges of incorrectly returned goods.
7.     The buyer must obtain a “proof of delivery” for goods returned to us. Any goods that are shipped to us “Receiver to pay” will be rejected in our warehouse, leaving the courier responsible.
Faulty Toner and Ink Cartridges:
1.     Please contact us first to ensure and confirm that the product is indeed faulty, as with some modern printers – a toner and/or a drum unit may require a “Reset” procedure.
2.     Credit will not be issued for items that are more than 90 days from date of invoice. Exceptions are made for some products, on a case by case basis, where we have specific latitude given to us by the manufacturer of the product.
3.     Laser or copier returns will only be processed if printed pages from the cartridge in question are enclosed – this is a prerequisite of the manufacturer as part of the process of validating the cartridge indeed being faulty. There will be no exceptions to this rule as we are unable to obtain credits without these.
4.     Most cartridges must be over a minimum weight before we can accept them for return.
5.     If the product has been refilled or tampered with in any way, the credit will be rejected.
6.     All returned cartridges must be sealed and secured to ensure they do not leak or get lost in transit.
7.     It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay all expenses of returned goods (freight, insurance etc.) and to obtain a “proof of delivery”.  Goods that are shipped “freight on” or “receiver to pay” will be rejected.
8.     Once we have received the cartridges, we will evaluate them and contact you to advise the result. Please note, this may take up to 60 days and is solely dependent upon the product manufacturer – FeedMyPrinter will do its best to ensure a speedy result but we cannot guarantee a time frame.
Due to the competitive pricing of products offered by FeedMyPrinter.com.au, we must strictly adhere to the return policy above – your understanding and patience are highly appreciated.